Have you ever try to return a meal at a restaurant because it didn't taste good?

    (tried) If so, were you given an argument? What eventually happened? How do you feeling about returning a meal?

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    I have only returned a meal once. I ordered a steak, medium rare. It arrived looking very small and it was full of fat and cooked beyond very well done. The waitress apologized, took it away, brought back a larger steak, cooked to perfection. The chef then came out from the kitchen and asked me how my steak was now and apologized, saying "There was no excuse for that and please come back again. I promise that next time, it will be done right, the first time"! I've been back and the food was great.


    That really was nice by the staff. I was with my parents in a Chinese restaurant and we ordered a chicken dish, which after one bite, was determined to be sour (and no, it wasn't Sweet and Sour Chicken [lol!]). Both the chef and the owner came to our table and they were downright indignant. We never went back.

    They knew they had to throw out a whole batch of prepared food....probably didn't do it either. yuk!

    I've done it a good few times, only had a problem once when the Spanish chef took offence and ran out of his kitchen brandishing a meat cleaver at me, he had to be held off me by 3 waiters, I ended up getting our parties meals for free though, don't know what happened to the chef, the owner apologised and invited us back for another free nights meal,sometimes the Latino temperament can get the better of them I suppose.



    Wasn't really as bad as it sounds, he was a wee guy, I think I could have managed on my own.

    You were carrying your own meat cleaver? :)

    Ex military my feathered friend, I can fight my own battles.

    Okay then...Yikes!!

    Never sent a meal back but I have returned the meat to be cooked to my liking. ........

    I was raised in the restaurant business, never once did we argue with a customer on their choice of menu items. We always say, 'sorry this did not agree with you, what would you prefer in its place"

    the key is. 'how much did the customer eat before complaining.  We would honor upto 'half' of the item eaten with either full refund or replacement.  After that, it's pretty obvious that the customer is trying to get a free dinner and we would refuse.  This is fair.


    Yep. I've seen that "little trick" tried in a restaurant. "This food tastes awful"! (Yeah, why did you eat almost all of it then before you called the waitress over?)

    People can get very inventive when trying to skip out on a bill. I have seen so many tricks. People need to remember, this restaurant and its employees are only trying to make a living, just like the customer. If something is truly wrong, any professional restauranteur would be eager to correct the problem, their livelihood depends on it. Of course, there's those that don't really care, these are the the ones that make it bad on everyone. I've been in restaurants where a few tables over a manager is arguing with a customer. This is wrong, this manager/waitress is an amateur.

    Dishonest people are always very inventive.

    There is a woman I know who does exactly what you have described, and it is disgusting. She's actually eaten the WHOLE meal and then complained. Your "up to half" seems very fair.

    Oh golly gee, Oh yes ... I did return a bad meat hamburger, disgusting fries, and sour milk. (I am not making this up) This meal was served to me and my husband by a little place way up on the north coast of California. This restaurant probably had about 5 diners a day.  

    Anyhoo, I told the server that my lunch wasn’t good. I gave him back all of the food. (I’d taken a small bite out of each) He gave me back my money but it was obvious that he was displeased.

    We walked out of the restaurant and as we got to our car, the restaurant owners let their dogs out. Two (or three) Rotweillers. They chased us to the car. It was before cell phones and I don’t think one would work in that remote area.  Terrifying experience.

    I have no problem returning a meal that hasn't been prepared the way it was requested.    It is a treat to go out for a meal, and my expectations are high. 
    Last week, a friend and I ate at a nice place out of town.  Her steak was obviously done far past medium rare, but she suffered through it.  No way will I eat a steak that is overcooked.  

    Yes.. last time i spoke with my brother....P.S.. he owned the place..

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