where in the UK does Ryobi have an accesible warranty centre


    We attempted twice to telephone the web reference UK service centre  this morning, [0800. 389.0305]. On each occasion after over 8 !! minutes my colleague was disconnected after, at last, having reached the No1. spot in the queue.
    Is there nowhere in the UK that trade customers can reach either an informed service centre or a warranty claims centre.?
    Telephone no. or email address please.

    Specifically we have recently bought a Ryobi SW-104 M laser measure.

    On test, the sample readings given from internal masonry wall to opposite masonry wall were,
    3.0m. 2.81 error error 2.83

    Even discarding the 1st. 3rd. and fourth the two remaining readings being over 20 mms different are completely outside any ordinary engineering or building requirement.

    We have, of course tested the new heavy duty 9v. battery supplied: its output was 9.4 v.

    Any suggestions before we return it.


    Charles Haslin
    Manager. Mclean Forster Kenward

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    Ryobi offer a 2 Year Warranty which applies to all machines. Call 0800 389 0305 or email and the service centre will do what they can to rectify your problem. They will arrange to collect your product, repair it and return it (there may be a charge for carriage). Please Note, you will require to produce your Toolstop invoice as proof of purchase. Ryobi warranty is only covered in the UK and the EU. In the EU the user is instructed to contact the local service network via the Ryobi website.

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