Albany New Yorker Lost-Out On A $319 Million Mega Jackpot

    Michael Kosko works in the same office in Albany, and was hit up for a $2 contribution to the pooled lottery funds his coworkers were pulling together. After all, he'd always agreed to join in the office ritual in the past.

    This time, though, he balked. Checking his cash reserves, Kosko discovered that he didn't have any singles on him, and even though one of his co-workers offered to spot him a couple of bucks, he chose not to participate. Besides, as he told the New York Post, they never won anything anyway.
    "I didn't have two singles," Kosko told the paper. "We had played over the past few months, we never hit anything. And I just decided that on that particular day, I wasn't going to play."
    And the rest, as they say, is history.

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    <a href="/users/1111/randy-palmer/">@Randy Palmer</a> - It's a statement. This guy let two dollars come between him gaining a fortune. Imagine that!!!

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