How are images placed on the web & how are they to be erased?



    How are images placed on the web & how are they to be erased?

    There are erroneous messages on the web because the web isn't being monitored properly or sincerely according to Leviticus .1.2 It should be noted that the owners of said property should have a number to contact & a web representative to assist in erasing such fallacious information under images, URL links, or websites. This can & should be done for the owner’s who report this for their sites, images, & links wanting to erase & eliminate said erroneous information.

    Hackers should not be assisted by dubious laws to be so unfaithful to truth as they lie in darkness & in cess-pools of SIN & corruption like roaring lions looking for those to devour.  1 Peter 5:8 They should know better, they have their own identity.  They were born, they live, and they will die & go where they have desired to go by the fruits of the living of their lives.

    All must strive to be as good as they possibly can be following the 10 Commandments that by which they will be assisted & helped to progress & reach eternal life.  Thou shall not lie; Thou shalt not steal; Thou shall not murder; Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods & property; etc.,

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    GMT Giovanni Maria Tommaso

    GMT gem:  Those who do not fight for the underdog will have the underdog to devour them.




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    If you don't want to look at these images don't open the web pages,the internet is for everyone to share(good or bad) worldwide, the scripts you are referring to were not written for guidance about the internet but guidance about life in general, I suggest you get out and find a life.

    I see that you are a Bible reader, Giovanni Maria. Good for you but....if you believe that the internet is a bad place for you to be....TURN IT OFF!  If you continue to spend time surfing and looking, that is no different than peering at an x-rated movie, a violent television show, dancers at a strip club, a filthy book or dozens of other options. Everything in your life cannot be edited FOR you. Self editing is the answer and that choice is all yours!

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