McDonalds has a kind of bad reputation..Why? The place is clean. If you order right, it’s fairly healthy. There are clean restrooms for travelers. There’s a gym for kids to play in. It’s fine with me ... every now and then.


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    Fast food (MacDonald's or other) is NOT the least bit healthy due to being produced in the cheapest possible way....fillers in the meat, condiments, salad dressings, cheapest lettuce, cheapest buns, cheapest frying oil. The only reason that their food tastes good to people, is due to the addition of lots of salt, sugar and fat so, for lots of profit, that's what they do! Their play area for children? How thoughtful of them. Marketing! Marketing! Marketing! 

    No list of ingredients? Demand it, read it, check it out. It will make you sick...literally....while you pay an exorbitant price for a burger! Health conscious people do give it a bad rap and with very good reason!


    They have to list ingredients by law in the UK, made them step up their standards so they tell me, never liked them personally.

    They have to, by law, list ingredients in Canada also. When people started actually reading the list, they were shocked!

    It’s a good place to take the kids once in a while. You can pick and choose and have a meal that won’t do you or the kids in. Honest. We’ve been going there once a month or so. Still breathing. Nobody’s fat.
    As in all else “Everything in moderation.”
    They have a coffee drink that I fairly dream about. (It’s NOT healthy) The coffee drink might kill ya.
    The gym is great when you’re traveling. The bathrooms are a necessity.
    The ingredients are listed. My husband reads them. I don’t even look when I go there.

    I like McDonalds now and again, not too often because I wouldn't say it was very healthy. But I find it very tasty. So I will go now ang again in between diets.

    I like Micky D's. Not very often, they are not so cheap to get what you want and the employees don't have a lot of snap. Not here anyways. I'm a special order kind of gal and getting it is a rare thing....

    I like McDonald's for a couple of reasons:  1. Frappe   2.  French Fries   3. Parfait    

    My kids enjoyed playing and going to birthday parties at McD's.  We have full collections of Happy Meal toys, and they ARE collector items already.  

    Why the bum rap, I don't know.  Sure, it's an entry level job, usually part time, and certainly not meant to be the sole means of support.  BUT, we know that some of those part time students who get their start at the local McDonald's have risen in the corporation to vice president offices in skyscrapers amid the biggest cities in the US.  McDonald's is worldwide, so SOMETHING must be going right.

    I'm cool with the occasional McDonald's.   


    I think California McDonald’s pays their employees fairly well. Other places do not.

    I turned off Maccas ages ago. Burgers have shrunk dramatically, their prices are sky high, the food is usually cold, especially the 10 French fries you get in a small serving. Drive thru orders are always missing an item you purchased. The staff are not much better, young 14 year olds skylarking on the job.


    Interesting you should mention the quantity. A couple weeks ago I was at a McD and the dull-witted guy at the register asked me if I wanted to try the new something-or-other. I asked what was different about it from the old something-or-other. He said the NEW one had a smaller burger. I looked at the price of the two on the menu. "You want me to pay 30 cents MORE for LESS?"

    My main gripe I have with Maccas is the overpackaging.We have a McDonalds 500 metres away from our home & the amount of their trash that ends up on my driveway is unbelievable.


    It's hard to believe that people just toss their garbage anywhere and everywhere, isn't it? No regard for others.

    Can't beat their $1 coffee any size! 


    Nor their wifi when you're travelling. lol

    I like Micky D's just as much as the next guy but for the money they get now our days why not have a sit down lunch at a local bistro..



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