how to choose what are you going to be when you grow up

    when i think about what do i want to be when i grow up i think about things that i love to do i think about like 4 things   how can i choose???????????????????


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    If you think of what you really like to do, that will be what you will enjoy doing when you grow up. You will probably do all four. A life-time is long and you will no doubt have time for more than one occupation.

    I’m curious. What do you like to do now?


    i would like to be an architect because i can thing of great designs but i am not sure because of the money and i also would like to be a computer programmer but iam not sure because of the money and i also want to be a doctor but i am not really sure that i would like to be a doctor for my whole life and i also want to be a basket ball player i have the skills but i am just not sure

    I believe you are going to do VERY well. You’re thinking about your future and I know you’re bright from your interests. Architects make a lot of money.
    Same with computer programmers. I believe it would be a shorter and easier course. There would be a lot of competition there. But you could beat them all out. Yes.
    A doctor has to have sooo much dedication. your life would not really be your own. I worked for thoracic and cardiovascular surgeons who were just starting their practice. They both lived in small apartments the first few years. They are making money now but it seemed like a long time.
    Unless you’re really good professional basket ball might not be the best choice.
    I hope some others come a long. I don’t know much about these courses ... Good luck. You will do well!
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