what can I do to clean out my computer's memory ?

    It keeps saying ". Some applications may be denied , b/c your computer is low on memory"  And it says  , " low on memory access  on line 10 " ( or line 18 ,or whatever the case may be )

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    There's no way to "clean" memory, only to clean up your storage. Apparently your hard drive is so full there's no room on the drive to expand the paging file, which is used as virtual memory. First, delete all .tmp files. You can do this from the Search feature in Windows. Move all of them to the Wastebasket and empty it. Next click on Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Cleanup. Before it does anything it will calculate how much room you'll save. After you decide if you want to accept the recommendations and do some deletions, you can run Disk Defragmenter which will consolidate files and might save you some more room.

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    T Y , Python. I will take your advice. Too bad I can't print it. My printer never worked right.Got it " fixed " twice. It still doesn't work :-\

    You must regularly scan the Windows registry to remove obsolete and unwanted information from it. You can do so manually by using the regedit utility incorporated within all Windows operating systems for editing the registry. However, the manual process is quite difficult, and if you are not careful, you might further the extent of the problem.

    Therefore, to make it easy for you to deal with registry errors easily and efficiently, a large number of third-party registry tools are available in the market today. These tools not only help you scan and repair registry errors but also enable you to perform a number of other registry and system maintenance activities that takes the stress of maintaining your PC off your shoulders. While selecting a registry cleaner tool for your system, you must go through user ratings and reviews for that tool to ensure its reliability and efficiency. You must also ensure that the tool is compatible with the version of Microsoft Windows on your system. For instance, if you own a Windows XP system, your registry tool must be compatible with Windows XP. This is important because the registry is stored differently on different Windows operating systems and therefore, requires a different tool.

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