How do i get more karma

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    Please use the comment this answer link to reply back to a person. You can find it attached to their answer. I've deleted your comments as there is too much to move. When you start the question you can use this blue section to comment to or use the comment this answer below each person's answer but you may not use the add new answer box. You only use that box if you are answering another person's posted answer. This is something the community leaders will tell you also.

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    Give honest, well thought out answers and impress the viewer, they'll give you the karma you crave......

    If the members like your questions or answers, they will give you a thumbs up. That is how you gain karma. 

    Now if you mean real life karma, do good every chance you can. Doing good builds good karma. 

    As you contribute to the community your profile accumulates Karma points. These points distinguish you as a respected member and one which opinion is highly regarded by the community. Gaining Karma points also opens up doors to some cool features in akaQA which are constantly added.
    The karma points system is not intended for resolving personal conflicts between members.
    Here's how karma points work:

    Each "Thumbs Up" on your question or answer yields 15 point.
    Each "Thumbs Down" on your question or answer yields -35 point.
    Each "Thumbs Down" on someone else's question yields -10 points.
    Number of daily votes

    The number of daily votes you can give is limited and grows as you gain more Karma points.

    Quit the riddles, that is my advise...

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