Is it unlawful to stand on a corner with a homeless sign?

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    Yes. Every sign should have a home.


    Signs, homeless or not, I just don't like being told what I can or cannot do!

    Where does "Joey" live?

    If you mean my avatar,he's not a Joey.He's a full grown 'roo.

    Haha! OK. I get it.(At last LOL)."Joey" is a sign & he lives on AKA cyber space.

    It depends on the city ordinances. It’s illegal here in Austin but rarely recognized…….

    With what we pay in taxes, there are or should be services afforded to the homeless.  Problem is, which are truly needy, or are they playing the system, or druggies/alcoholics?  I do not give anything, if I do, it may be a cup of coffee, not the money.  We go to a restaurant which is on a major intersection opposite a mall.  The door person goes out and shouts at this person holding a sign on street in front of their establishment.  She tells the patrons not to give anything, she says she sees him drive off at end of "his shift" in a brand new minivan!  So he doesn't need money, and is probably also collecting unemployment benefits.  So, usually, one way or another these people, if their needs are real, can get assistance.  Many homeless are voluntary or mental patients who refuse this assistance.  Either way, I will not give, because of the widespread fraud. 

    Where? "Fast-forward" to January 20, 2017. Here we are, evicted. Do you think it makes any difference where we stand or if we have a sign? Mr. Boehner, can't you put us up for awhile?  Mitt? Oprah? C'mon Hillary...What are you gonna do with all of those rooms?""

    Asking for handouts is a very unpleasant experience to put-up-with personally. I don’t even ask for loans at banks. I have become so tight that it amazes me. It all started when I decided to accept what I have, recognise my personal needs and throw nothing away that I cannot use in another way, repair or replace if necessary. I have been at this for 10 years and find it quite simple and easy to do. I work on making tools and addressing my need for neatness in this process. Everything is recycled by reuse wherever possible. I have experience in so many occupations and services that I am over-qualified for employment anywhere and I continue to study at least 2 hours a day. I limit my study time so that I can exercise eat and have a little social life…like AKAQA. I am happy with my life and it seems to get a little better every day. So I look around and it looks to me like everything and everyone is finding their g-spot…lots of happy up-beat people everywhere. Some folk are too intence in their lives to be happy but more and more are every day.     


    Nice one Rob...Too many people live outside their means!..(Although I feel society/advertising/trying to keep up with a world where people are encouraged to buy the latest gadgets and parents feel guilty if their kids get left behind their peers..peer pressure!..Kids should learn to budget from an early age!..(When I was a kid..we had to save up for things we really wanted..not just snap our fingers to get it..far more satisfying knowing that you have saved for something special..and far more likely you`ll look after it and enjoy it..than use it a few times and dump it in a corner as people do so much these days!

    A few years ago a 'well todo' guy did an experiment in San Francisco.  He worked the streets for one month every day for 8 hours, just like a job! In that one month he scored over $8,000 USD, mostly from tourists. He was featured on TV.  The money he collected he donated to a charity of some sort, I forgot.   This equates to $96,000 per year! tax free!! All you need is time and a bit of guts and some acting experience.  Expect some territorial claims, you can't just pick a corner, it may be claimed by another freeloader, they will fight for their locations.  They look at it like you are stealing from them if you stand on their claims. 

      I surmise there are many of these 'frauds'


    A lot of nerve, too!

    When we landed at LAX we went outside for a smoke & we were virtually inundated with people begging for money,cigarettes or anything they thought they could score from us.At any of our international airports they would be moved on immediately.I saw that show you mentionedabout the guy in san Fran.Amazing hey?

    When I was in Tijuana, a little girl approached me with a small box of chewing gum and said with very sad eyes as she offered the gum. 'SeƱor, you want chewing gum?'
    I said yes!! So I took one... My wife said I was supposed to give her money. I only heard her ask me if I wanted chewing gum. She never said anything about paying for it. LOL!!

    The first thing we were accosted with when we arrived in Nuevo Laredo was "Senor,You want to buy drugs?".

    In many towns, people can get a permit to panhandle. Check with your town hall. 

    I don`t think it`s classed as unlawful...but degrading ..there are plenty of agencies /people to turn to if you genuinely need help..they can point you in the right direction to get qualifications and help you find a place to live and a job..Plenty of help out there..I do understand that work is often very hard to come by often..but there is a wide variety of help and support out there.


    In the USA, in many states it is classed as unlawful. Vagrancy is also illegal. One must have a resident address or they get put in jail or booted from the town. No begging in many states here. Some towns do allow panhandling but one must obtain a license to do so.

    lol Colleen we`re more too easy maybe!!

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