How do I fix a Kenmore washer that won't drain or spin

    My  Kenmore washer will not spin or drain.  I think the screen thing that has to have contact with the piece on the lid is gone.

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    Sounds like a clogged filter, manually drain, syphon, or pump water out of drum.  Move machine to outside of house.  Lay on side, or front, remove hose clamp to the pump.  Locate filter, it may be built into pump housing, or not.  Remove that hose, put garden hose into exit of pump, and filter, and run hose to back flush and clean debris out of filter and pump.  Reassemble all and connect water, and turn to spin cycle to see if it drains.  If it does not, then your problem is probably in the timer mechanism, this is the unit that the knob for controls is on.  Call the tech. support number on manual if you have it and they can assist you further, including order of new part. 

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