whats the secret to dieting and keeping the weight off???

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    mmmm i know what you mean,ive just come from a large weight myself and am steadily gaining it back again.I dont think theres a secret to it,just comes down to that thing we call willpower.Easier said than done though.
    I have found that the quicker you take it off the faster it comes back, so it seems. I've been on diets that I've lost 30 lbs or more in a very short time, then diets that take off a lb or two a week, That seems to be the best way for me. I think the best diet I did wasn't a diet at all but just cut everything I ate in half. I didn't change anything I ate but only ate half at a time. Most things you can save for later, but like a bowl of cereal only make half. It sucked for the first couple of weeks but my body and stomach finally got use to it.
    There is no magic trick for keeping you weight, it's all about discipline. first of all, to see if you're overweighted and need to loose some weight, check your BMI here:

    If it says you're overweighted, it means that you eat more calories then your body needs. the next step is to see how many calories does your body burns in a day. To do so, enter this BMR calculator:

    Once you've calculated your BMR, you can start gradually lowering the amount of calories you eat. Just start checking how many calories you eat each day by reading the labels on things you eat.
    It is very important to do this gradually, and correctly: lower the amount of saturated fat that you eat, lower sweets, try to eat whole grains, lots of vegetables and legumes and fruits and the most important things: exercise!

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