My iPod Touch 4th Generation is stuck on the apple logo after a Jailbreak fail... What do I do & what do I need to download to fix this? Please help :(

    How it happen; I erased a program in Cydia (Don't remember the name) by accident then suddently my iPod just turned off & turned on again, I was going to go on Cydia but it wasnt there. But all the things I download from Cydia was still there... So I called my uncle he said he would try to put Cydia back, so he was trying, something didint work so he went to another hack thingy when I saw ''Backing up'' I turned on my ipod to see if everything was still there and it was, so he couldnt download Cydia bc it failed well okay next time he was gonna learn to do it ... I was using my iPod and turned it off bc had low battery when I turn it on the next day it stayed stuck on the apple logo? What do I do? What I need to download so I can fix this? What are the steps? Please someone help mee! ''Sorry If it was long''

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    Go to the iPod forums. There is a discussion there about this > 

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