what is the meaning of life?

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    Live, learn, love, experience, grow, die when your job here is done. 

    Try to leave the world in at least as good a state as when you came into it.

    Life is defined in your every living moment and understood when your body is laid to rest.

    I think your job is to find out where you can contribute and ease the lives of others who you meet on the long road.  The occupation part is to hopefully find the job to which you’re most suited.

    Welcome to akaQA, ronald. You asked a good question but it wasn’t an easy one. Keep asking! 

    The opposite of Death.

    Eternal cycle (circulation).

    The manifestation of existence.


    Expansion of consciousness.

    The visible part of God. (In the material universe for living people. In the invisible universe also have life.)


    A (rather pessimistic) friend of mine always says... "Life's a beach and then you die"!!!  We just laugh at her now, because she says it (not to their face) every time someone has a problem.


    Ducks, I've seen that logo on T-shirts and sweat-shirts....and used to be on bumper stickers.Only, it said the word that rhymes with witch.
    Life is ...when you are born you are innocent and it's important that you have good teachings from your parents or who ever brings you up love and respect your elders always be kind to animals and all creatures great and small respect Mother Earth if you follow all the rules work hard you will grow old and die well that's how I see it


    great answer says it all x

    Billyboy thank you so much for your comment xxxx

    I hope that when I die some come to visit my grave because they "want to".  Also, I get the respect that I have earned now while I am alive, as I have given it to those whose lives I have touched.  To me, that is the meaning of life! 

    We are put on this earth to glorify God .


    great answer , my sentiments exact !!

    Hi Daren, We haven't seen you in a while. Welcome back :-)

    You're riding high in April, shot down in May!


    I like the way he did that song.

    To find the meaning of life...too easy!  ;)

    The Universe creates human beings in order to experience itself. That is "the meaning of life"

    When we understand that, we also understand that the universe is basically a good environement. It is our, the humans, ignorance that makes it a bad.  That is not the responsibility of the Universe. The Universe loves you. It loves itself. Love is fundamental

    When we understand all that, we start to see the universe as a creator environment. 
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    Do we get paid for it? Yes. By success events when we do the right stuff, accidents when we do wrong.  But some are aimed to be "victims" for a reason.  They teach us. 

    Do we have to be this many of us?  
    We decide such things. Because the basic rule of universe is: Free will. 

    You may not impose YOUR will onto others.  But - if you do not control your population size, you will have disaster. So start with that problem. 

    You are all the same. You bleed the same, think the same, but you have all different experiences, out of your different talents. All experiences are of the same value. Your own experience is invaluable for others. So share it wisely. 

    To end this text,  I want to remind you of th great question of balance:  Water. 
    You get water in 3 forms.  You should find out what size each form should have.
    Until you manage that, you will have big problems. 
    Becase of overpopulation, you affect the water balance of your planet. 
    Meaning:  Control population.  Control of water balance will adjust itself. 

    When your population size is in the harmonic range, it will not affect the water balance.

    Go in peace. Never hurt yourselves.  That means means never hurt any of your mirror images. You are all the same soul.  Love yourself. 

    Best regards,

    The Universe.


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