my boy friend he het me bad and he want me in the street after one yes the live and work for him

    we live in same housse, we slrrp in seme bad 


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    Get out of a bad situation and be quick about it. You can make it on your own. learn to love yourself and his feelings will pale............

    Leave him, and tell him to get lost.

    Assia, leave him as soon as possible. Can't you go stay with your mother or your sister, or an aunt  for awhile ? Sneak out. Don't tell him you're leaving him. Or, go to a battered womens' shelter.


    "Stay with your mother"? Where is her mother?



    She said " My boyfriend, he hit me bad, and he wants me in the street to be in the life to work for him. We live in the same house.We sleep in the same bed."
    Translation - - - her boyfreind told her to get out in the street and prostitute herself and give him her earnings. He hit her to give her a taste of what would happen if she didn't oblige him.

    Thanks. Apparently it's time to leave the boyfriend.

    This sounds like a very dangerous situation.  If this chump is going to smack you around until you prostitute yourself for him, sneaking away with no place safe to go isn't going to be easy.  

    My best advice to you is to get in contact with a family member or friend who has no contact with this disgusting individual you share a home and bed with, and ask that person to come get you when the cretin isn't around.  

    If you stay, and I'm afraid you will, you will be on the streets in less than one week, giving it up for someone who only sees you as a source of income.  He is NOT your boyfriend. He is your pimp.

    The choice is easy.  Following through is going to be the hard part.  Have some respect and love for yourself and GET THE HE77 out of there as quickly as possible.  Good luck and God's blessings.   

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