I live in the bay area. Are there too many cars on the road in your town or city?

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    Always always always, my little towns roads weren't built for the amount of traffic that there is now.

    I live in a big, growing city. Yep, one can hardly walk anywhere w/o taking the chance of getting hit.....

    Don't get me started on traffic!  We are in the midst of a gigantic enlargement of 180 at 41 AND 168 here in Fresno.  I keep looking at it, knowing darn good and well the "improvements" aren't projected for traffic in 10 years; it's like putting a bandaid on a bleeding artery.    

    Traffic jams are a problem EVERYWHERE:  

    Yep. Greater Brisbane now has over 1.2 Million people & that doesn't include the Gold Coast.They are building tunnels everywhere to try to alleviate the traffic but nobody uses them because of the high toll charges.I grew up in this city when it was like a large country town.How things have changed.


    ...Not necessarily for the better, I fear. Fresno now runs right into the foothills, and that is a lot of earth covered in concrete. :(

    Yes I live in a small village with a main road going through it, it would have been bypassed, but 35 years ago most of the locals ( most of which don't live here now) managed to get the building of it stopped, now like everywhere else in the UK we have a very overcrowded road still going through the village.

    There are too many cars everywhere I think. This is the biggest reason I quit trucking. I drove nights and there were still too many cars on the road. Here in CT they are talking about widening 95 because of the over abundance of traffic. Now the illegals are allowed to get drivers licenses here so that means even more cars on the road. 

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I agree-- Just wait in two weeks if BART doesn't come up with a plan, there will be another strike and the bay area will be paralyzed  again like 1997


    If you're relying on Bart Simpson coming up with a plan you can"eat my shorts" if it happens soon.

    Yeah bart simpson.. LOL! B-A-R-T-
    Bay Area Rapid Transit

    I used to drive up 101 on my way to Humboldt County and be so thankful once I got north of the Golden Gate and out of the bay area traffic. Now, the traffic in Fresno almost rivals yours. :(

    ts terrible! I have a 64 mile round trip commute to work sometimes it takes me over 2.5 hours just coming home, 32 miles. Now they are completing a new 49'ers stadium, its almost finished so when that opens it will be next to impossible for me to get home. There's no concern about traffic due to this monstrosity. I already told my boss that my time is limited there, when they open it I am going to retire.

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