how can i increase my followers?

    facebook followers

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    Jesus did quite well with 12 apostles, do you really need more than that?


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    Be a good leader........

    Not quite the answer that is needed. Funny but not helpful for gaining followers on Facebook.


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    Use deodorant. Dribble coins as you walk along. Carry a burning bundle of expensive incense. Have friends walk on adjacent streets proclaiming your holiness is walking up the the street you are on. Pay children to spread flowers before you and shop owners to carpet your way. Have a band of musicians announcing your approach. Arrange a military salute by gun fire and a military jet fly-over. Be escorted by a dozen beautiful, scantily clad and adoring women clinging to you. Arrange to have light reflected on you from space so that you are fully lighted in the evening light. …...

    Oh…facebook followers….do you want volume or quality, age group or sex, an interest group or fans…. The first part of my answer covers it pretty well.

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    Is there a prize for the most followers?  Why do you need them to follow you? 
    I'd think the way to have FB followers is to have something going on that is interesting or vital for others to follow.   

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