Husky nose bleed

    My Siberian Husky 17 months of age  other day had a nose bleed but he his fine now what would be the cause

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    First Aid
    If you dog has a nosebleed, keep the pet calm. Apply an ice pack to the bridge of the dog's nose to slow bleeding.

    Blood-clotting disorders, including the possibility of the dog having ingested rat poison, are possible causes of a nosebleed. Conditions causing a low platelet count, such as a drug reaction or a bone marrow disease, also may be responsible.

    Accompanying Symptoms

    Many dogs that have a nosebleed often have black stool or will vomit blood. This is generally caused by swallowing blood and doesn't indicate bleeding internally.

    You should get your dog to a veterinarian immediately following the nosebleed. The doctor will need to know about any medications your dog is taking, if there is a possibility the pet may have ingested a poison of if there is possibility the pet may have had trauma to the nose.

    The veterinarian will do several types of diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the dog's nosebleed. These will include blood tests, x-rays, blood pressure checks and possibly further examination of the dog's nose and body under general anesthesia.

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