How do i start a bussiness?

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    Financial resources is a good place to start.  A business plan will be very helpful.  Checking into what kinds of permits and licenses are needed is probably a good idea.  You are going to need a business site, too, so you'd better start looking for a good spot that isn't going to drain you.  Do you want to incorporate?  Have a partner(s)?   

    The Retired Businessman Association will help in our area.  They will draw up a plan for you.  Also, if there is a University with a business school, they may help as a lesson project using students. 

    Government loans !!! Start by seeking financial consultation.,a CPA  or even a non Certified.To file for  loans to open your business you need someone on YOUR team, NOT the banks .Also and this may sound silly but it works; On a daily basis close your eyes then visualize yourself already in your business, where you want to operate it etc. In detail...Ive heard it put like this by many successful people ..."before I could SEE myself a success I had to close my eyes" 

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