how to stop my indoor plant from being eaten

    I have a 10ft umbrella plant at least 10 years old. It is being eaten daily by tiny black things. I have sprayed harshly with direct water to wash them off .!wipe as many leaves as possible........most of the leaves seem to be hit. some dry up likes specks of dirt .(the enemy) not the plant. It is so sad to see it losing its splendour  any advice have used nothing on it apart from water as I dont want to kill it. thank you x

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    You need horticulture oil according to these instructions >


    You are looking after me today thank you! Will try this, It could do with repotting but I wont take the chance to disturb it. I did this before and for some reason gradually died. I have this one with bean sticks and little ties x
    ps pressing on knitting the booties just joking!

    Looks like a pain but hopefully it will work. I would consider repotting after you get the infestation down in case these little bugs lay eggs in the soil.

    WOW so cool! I would keep it outside, to scare away burglurs hahaha
    Maybe this will help you

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