How long have you had a computer? Did you take lessons on how to use it?

    I think I've had a computer 20 years. I have never taken lessons but I'm thinking of it.

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    Same here, itsmee. I remember having one as long as I've been in Central California, and that is nearly 27 years.  No lessons for me, either, and I'm sure I miss a ton of features I could be enjoying.  My tablet, too, has so much I don't know how to use. 
    Clovis Adult Ed always has some classes for computer usage.  There are day and evening classes.  I even took a self-paced class for Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, and Access there. Reasonable, and tax deductible (school expense, plus mileage to and from), too. 


    I can take lessons at the Mac store for free. My mind freezes up when I see all those geniuses behind that big tall bar. Stop by the Mac place sometime. They are all so dang bright. They remind me of the actors on Big Bang Theory (My favorite TV show)

    Most classes are for PC. That won't help me.

    MAC is one type of computer I've never used. I would definitely have to take my class at the MAC store if that was the computer I had. I took the dog for the longest walk yet, and am sick, so probably won't be heading to ANY store today. :(

    Since 2004. Never had a single lesson. I wasn't intimidated by it. That's a key to learning lots of things. So much of the "older generation" is missing out on so much (like, lol) by being afraid.  A lot of my knowledge came by trial and error, and I'm still learning new things virtually every day. Just bite into a "Snowball" and go get 'em!


    If I hadn't bought the Mac when I did I believe I would NEVER have had a computer. It was getting so I hated to walk by computers in stores. I'd pick up the mouse and aim it at the screen when no one was looking. After I left the store I'd worry that I'd somehow damaged the computer my pointing the mouse.

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