As this is a site for children i expected it to be monitored 24/7 by a responsible adult. would someone be kind enough to reply to me please.

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    I read your other question. Apparently one of your grandchildren has downloaded a program that possibly allows an unknown person to gain access to their computer. Do not let the kids download programs without you or someone with computer knowledge checking them out first. I'm assuming your grand kids download a lot of "free" games off the internet. Many of these "free" games come with virus's. This is more than likely how the virus got into your computer, from a game download. Yes, I believe the computer has a virus making it appear like someone is controlling it. Have you noticed an offer to buy a product that is suppose to remove the virus? It's a scam. Take the computer to a reputable computer repair shop and have it scanned and cleaned. If it is still under warranty, make a service call and explain you need help.
    Lastly, only download games that have been purchased from a reputable game maker.

    As for what you posted here, this is a world wide general question and answer forum called akaQA. It is not a game site.

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    Sometimes children come here but it isn’t a child’s site. Did you have any other questions? I’m going to sleep now and I think others are asleep too. It’s 3:44 AM

    I try to watch my language and subject matter but sometimes slip up. Our moderators tend to take care of that but no guarantees.. Watch your child constantly when he/she is on the computer.........

    Personally, I beleive that parents should be resposible for their children, they should always control what their children view or go onto on-line. In the same way they should be resposible for what their children get up to on the streets and anywhere else. in other words they are your kids, you look after them, and be held accountable if they don't behave.


    moved oliviaomg2003 comment to sunnyB >Well lets hope yours doesnt get hacked into sunnyB it happened to me as well and im not a child. To know someone can view you via your own cam is quite un nerving . Of course i monitor and look after my Granddaughter. I also agree with what you say about being accountable when they dont behave i am a responsible and caring parent and Grandparent. Maybe the hacker is someones child who is let loose to do as they please. There must be some way of tracing them or blocking them. Olivia loves the game its so sad when it comes to this.Alas everyone doesnt think the same.

    Yes, this site is intended for all, families included, however we are not here to entertain or babysit your children.  We are intended to answer serious questions for reasonable and responsible people.  If babysitting is your aim, I would suggest another site. 

    akaQA is a community of volunteer members from all over the world. Please take into consideration the time differences as to when volunteers are active on the forum.

    Actually, this ISN'T a site designed specifically for children, and, because of that, you will find questions that are sometimes completely inappropriate for a child's eyes (in my opinion). 

    YOU need to decide if this site works for your children and make the decision as to whether or not they will be allowed access to it. 

    By the way, this is akaQA, a GENERAL question and answer forum enjoyed by people from all around the world. 

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