My flower beds are a litter box..........

    and I want to get them cleaned and put some foliage and flowers in them.  They have been empty since I moved here 3 years ago.  

    I love my cat, but she is going to have to use a litter box.  I can put chicken wire and wood chips to deter her, but what can I do to "sterilize" and prep the ground? 

    Thanks for your help! 

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    Dried blood is suppose to deter pets also, and it does contribute to the soil.  You can always get a squirt gun and nail them every time you see them in there also...

    Water it down and water and water and water. Add moth balls to the top soil to keep the cat out.


    Clever, Julie. I will do that. Is it OK for the moth balls to get wet with the watering? I just opened the sprinklers last night. We get to water Tue/Thu/Sat. I can cheat a little, too.

    I do not think moths are too thrilled with water "there" but try it and see... Watch for shrinkage, if water is cold!

    They are awfully small to start with.

    reminds of a joke, "have you ever smelled moth balls?" "How did you hold them, by their wings?"

    Thanks for my laugh o' the day! :D

    We had way too many cats prowling in our neighborhood a few years ago.  I could not stand the idea of them doing their business in my flower beds so I took charge. I poured bleach all over the beds. I didn’t remove the flowers because they seemed contaminated. The bleach, of course, killed everything. I have a lot of terra cotta pots so I bought some nice fresh soil, filled the pots, and bought some new blooms. The cats stay clear of my yard. My cat uses a litterbox filled with First Step. It’s cleaned daily or more.  We’ve tried many types but that one seems the best. Good Luck.

    The pet store has products to deter cats but I preferred the Terra Cota.



    I love the idea of potted versus "grounded", but the dog marks them as his territory. I wanted to use them in the front, but the "association" put the kabosh on that. Peanut used her litter box for a long time (I had it outside), but then she stopped. I will refill and put it back in its spot (or find a new one).
    I don't have much left in the yard; 7 rose bushes and one green thing, plus a pomegranate tree that will have its last crop in the fall. I want to put a lot of ferns and shade things along the north wall between the master bedroom and garage. Not sure what to do with the "yard", but my sister says "tropical".
    This morning, I pulled out some weeds near the back fence and a huge army of little, red, BITING ants came pouring out. I poured what was left of the bleach right on the hole, and am hopeful they are all in ant heaven.

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