facebook credits- pput the $6 back in my Visa that you stole. I was playing candycrush and only wanted $!, you took $6 and never took me back so I could play the game. put the $6 back into my account NOW!! norma Avila

    i want the $6 facebook credits stole put back into my Visa now. I did not ask for $6 for help nly $1. then you did not put me back to the game. norma avila

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    I have already told you, this is akaQA. We are not connected to Facebook. We have nothing to do with CandyCrush. Please stop posting about this here. No one from Facebook or CandyCrush Saga will see your messages. Contact your credit card company and have them remove the charge. Just know if you do that, Facebook will never again allow you to purchase credits which might not be a bad thing. 

    I wondered who was paying good money for Candycrush "help".  Do you know that King Enterprises makes about $600,000 A DAY from people like you.  


    i dont know about that
    Business Insider
    by Megan Rose Dickey - in 731 Google+ circles
    Jul 8, 2013 - Candy Crush Saga is the top grossing game on Facebook and is estimated to bring in $633000 a day.

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