why do you have to have a name

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    So you can avoid this.....



    My brother-in-law used to call out "Hey, Bub" in a restaurant when a busboy or waiter walked by and he wanted something.

    Classy. :(

    Funny thing, though, he wasn't rude about it.

    I read your "HEY YOU" comment first thing and I'm LOL-ing.

    Bob: I can imagine the "Hey You" comment being funny if some special people said it. If I said it, the waiter would probably slap me.

    It's confusing enough when you forget someone's name. Imagine the confusion yelling "hey you" towards everyone. Yikes! I'm with you Ducky.

    So you know when your mom is yelling specifically at you.


    Good one, Bob/PKB : )

    Hahah. she'll prob start to call you by your sister's name anyway. .....or go thru 3 or 4 names until she hits yours. hee hee.

    All of the above, however I wish my parents had more imagination, mine is such a common one when they called it out in class at school about ten of us would stand up!


    There were 10 lambshanks in your class? Wow and here I thought it was such an original name ;)

    : D Sometimes this is such good reading.

    My name isn't really common (in fact, probably no one has been saddled with it since 1955). BUT, in my P.E. class one year, there were 5 of us, and two of us even had the same MIDDLE name.
    (I have a "friend" on FB who actually has the exact same maiden name).

    In order to distinguish one person from another. You can always change your name legally........

    Make up a funny or fake name. I did. It works. : ) 

    It comes in handy when people and the royal family want to invite you to tea as they will know who you are, In my case I am just "Princess Helana " from Planet Troy.


    HA HA HA

    So people know what to call you when referring to you. 

    God has a name for us .. too satan were just a number, take your choice, besides would you want "your better half' yelling #2 get your arse to the store !!

    So people will know who the h- -- -   you are.  And so your mom can yell at you .

    to better communication that is essential in directing an order to a particular individual... Imagine doing business and addressing a business representative without a name, It would be nearly impossible. Or imagine talking about someone without a name, that would make it impossible to tell someone about that individual.


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