Where can I get the Forge of Empire Hack / Cheat without surveys or struggle to get a password... I have tried everything and it does not work. I only lost a lot of airtime with surveys!

    I feel I was fraud out of a lot of airtime during the last 2 months Please help me or tell me how to complain and get response for being cheated out of a lot of money.

    I did 6 different surveys. The unsubscription codes for the sites are:
    31300 / 31306 / 35050 / 33535 / 43962 and a phone number (021-4068686) in Cape Town South Africa.

    This is really not fair... I tried to download the hack several times from different phone numbers without success... I have lost a lot of money on this and really feel that you fraud me out of a lot of money... Please send me the software with the passcode as that is what I lost about R600 over the last 3 months on subscription fees.

    Kind Regards

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    This is akaQA, a general question and answer forum. We can not do anything about the cheats and hacks you are trying to use. You have to contact the developers of the hack. How about just playing the game without trying to cheat through it? You may be able to save some airtime that way. 


    I would have just play the game... But unfortunately it is my 2 teenage children that play the online game... over and above the airtime I also spend >R500 each last month and this month hoping they will not be interested in the game anymore.... Well I already spend >R2000 over the past two months and that is why I'm looking for a hack!~

    OK, but we are not a game site nor do we develop hacks for games. We can not help you. Good luck.

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    Thanks Colleen... I'v been trying every site somehow connected to these sites!

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