how can i die?

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    Death is not an ending. It is a continuation. Your problems go with you. No matter what, you face what is yours, even in death. Souls choose physical living because problems are actually solved easier here than they are in the spiritual world. Life is a choice. You chose to be born. You did so because you knew you could learn what you needed to learn here better than there. If you decide to end your time here, you will just have to come back again with the same problems along with added new ones. Reincarnation does exist in spite of the nay sayers. Care to take the chance that I am wrong?

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    Yes listen to the folks here on this forum, we are here for you, there are more reasons to live than you are thinking of.  Seek the advise of an elder if there is not a professional in your area.  Talk to someone and think about this, death is final, there is no going back.  Do you have family who may be concerned speak with them.  Good luck, we wish you to slow down and speak with someone about this... 

     We will all die one day just hang on and enjoy the trip because it will be over sooner than you think.

    Suicide is a permanet solution to a temporary problem.  Being alive is the greatest gift of all. The world turns....... 

    Where are you posting from? Get immediate help! C'mon people...this can be serious!  MODERATOR(S): Can the IP address be traced?

     How can you die? You can die of natural causes many, many years from now. 
    The question should be "How can I live", and spending some serious moments thinking about the myriad answers to THAT question. Get some paper and writing implement and make a list; yes, make a list.  Focus on living.
    YOU have the choice of how to live, and that is powerful.  There are many services and support systems available to you to help you live a physically, mentally, spiritually healthy life.  
    We all have a personal view of death.  While I don't agree with the comment made in your question box, I support the member's right to post it.  I believe you have one life on earth, and your responsibility and privilege is to LIVE it, respecting your mind, body, and soul.  If any part of you is ill, seek professional care.  Find a support group or individual(s).  Seek faith in a benevolent God (I like mine for that).  


    I’m not currently in crisis but I plan to make a list of all the reasons I want to continue living.
    I too support the right of members to post what needs to be said.
    Thank you. x

    Of extreme of old age problems are of short duration but suicide is forever go get some help PLEASE!!!

    As agreed with all the answers here you must focus, if you can, on your well being and your loved ones.This is very difficult if you have depression and unable to think clearly. Talk to someone, you dont even have to see them at this stage.  Pick up the phone, here in UK we have the samaritans on the other end of phone 24/7. who will just listen........let your higher power  (God?) decide when it is your time to move on  to heaven/spirit world, talking will be the start so you can move on leaving dark thoughts behind. We all have them at sometime in our lives.!. Good Luck love and light x


    I like how you say.
    I have picked up your way of signing my posts.
    I sign with x (for love) now. Thank you.

    I worked as a counselor for Suicide Prevention crisis line. The people who dedicate themselves to that work have training. There’s two way communication.  From the distance here between us, I just don’t know what to say to you. I don’t know the problems or your age.I don’t know if you’re male or female.All I can say is hang on, it will get better. Do you believe that? I’m wondering if you’ve suffered a great loss. I hope that you will stay here with us and most of the people can type to you. We won’t go away.Mostly I hope that you will get in touch with someone in the physical world who can lead you to the light. What’s in the phone book for crisis intervention?  Write back. It’s 3:18 AM. I can’t sleep. What time is it where you are? I know you know to be very careful of strangers on the internet. I almost had some trouble when I first started. I sure wasn’t a kid. Be aware. : )

    dhasa, why? what is it that makes you think ending a life prematurely is the answer. In fact it is a begining and your problems won't go away. who does not have problems? you must think yours are enormous compared to others. You ain't seen nothing. Hopefully you have 2 eyes,ears,legs, hands. brains etc. Others are not that lucky.  You will find a way out of this. Talk to someone as you are doing here.

    Have faith in yourself and be grateful for what you have. Wish you well friend.

    committing suicide its when u decide for yourself how to die.


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