Our electricity is sooo high. My husband has requested your feedback on how to pay less.

    finances, gas, electricy, money problems, how to save money ...

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    As soon as I saw the question, I knew it was yours :D




    Anybody wash with cold water? I know one responsible person who uses it. What do YOU think?

    Anybody use drying racks?


    country bumpkin: I wash all my clothes in cold water and they come out fine.


    itsmee: Yup, we're using cold water starting tomorrow. My daughter got a new washing machine. It's bright red and if it were mine I'd drive it down the street. She has a dryer to match, of course. She uses cold water.
    The machine broke down after about a month and she brought ALL her clothes over here and we did her washing and drying. She was so pleased with this that she brought all the towels that had congregated around her swimming pool ... We probably did 7 or 9loads. : (

    Yes, I dry some clothes out on the clothes line. In the winter, I
    fluff up clothes in the dryer for about 5 minutes, then I
    dry the clothes on my indoor clothes line in the basement; and on a drying rack.Years ago, I had my hot water heater turned down to a lower temp ---to save money and electricity
    So, you don't get real,scorching hot water out of my faucets.

    YES! I was in cold water and use drying racks. I use wire hangers and clothespins to clip my "dainties" to dry, and I even hang heavy towels and blankets. If I want to fluff them, a FEW minutes in the dryer works fine. I use the racks in the winter, also, and it doesn't take any longer for things to dry when it's cool/cold.

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    Hang your clothes out at night and they want get so stiff, wash them in cold water, use a fabric softener, use epsom salts to make them soft, turn lights off when you leave a room, shut the vents in the rooms you are not using and close t he doors, open and shut the refrigerator only when necessary, don't use a dishwasher, unplug all electrical items so they can't be used unless needed, use a fan so it will feel cooler in what little a.c. you use, use cold towel over your leftovers, hang wet sheets in your windows so the breeze is chilled some, I'm thinking way back to my mom's days......


    Breeze? Uh, Julie we don’t have those. Ever!
    I always want to close the vent in the nursery when the girls aren’t around. My husband thinks the house will blow up or something. It’s a maybe on that one.
    It’s going to be 110 degrees tomorrow. Our ac is on 80. 81 tomorrow.
    Love your green ideas. I know them ... Maybe this will jog me into trying some out. I swear, my husband puts his coffee cup in the dishwasher after HE uses it. At the end of the day it looks like we had a coffee klatch. No dishwasher will be difficult
    Tomorrow we’ll try some Julie ideas out.

    and putting baking soda in your washing water makes your clothes softer and cleaner.

    Whatever you are doing don't move to Scotland S, if you think California is cold in the winter.

    Try changing your utility company, you can get some good discounts as new customers.


    We don't have another utility company only phone & cable & internet. By the way, I'd love to move to Scotland. We could live in a large insulted tent? : )

    A yurt in Scotland for itsmee? DO IT!!!! I wanna come toooooo!! ;D

    lindilou: Outside our tent we’d barbeque lamb. Is it lamb?
    Uh, what’s “a yurt” a typo? : ) I think about moving all the time.

    itsmee! A yurt is a wonderful tent-like dwelling used by the people of the Southern Steppes of Asia! Here, take a may just be the answer to your dreams! >>
    ;) xo
    p.s. They make them here on the island guys...there's plenty of room to live 'off the grid' here if ya know what I mean!! And the weather's mild in winter ROMOS!! Fairweather fine!

    I do like the yurt. Does it have indoor plumbing. It makes our California way of living seem dull. If I was younger ...

    My mom used to say that years ago, in Wisconsin, it got to be 40 degrees below zero,Farenheit at night in the winter.

    Jeswinguk has the right idea, Solar panels are the way to go, here in OZ any electricity generated in excess goes back in to the grid, for  which you are reinbused, most homes that have them, end up in credit thus free electricty, depending how many panels have been fitted ; ave. around six.


    In Australia (hearsay) they don’t vent their dryers. Everybody has a clothes lines. In the winter, they turn on their dryers and use that power to heat their house. It’s such a good idea.

    What's OZ ?.....the land of the Wizard of OZ ?

    OZ is Australia.

    Itsmee, i hav'nt heard of heating a house with a clothes dryer, i don't think that would work as most of our houses are quite large, it would take a few days for this to work, practically most homes have gas or ducted heating, and OZ is just an Aussie abreviation for Australia.:)

    My grand daughter (17) said that ALL houses in OZ are left unducted.She’s been there a very short time but it’s good to check. : )
    She’s flying back to the U.S. for college. She is so young to be totally on her own. She will be in Florida and I’m in California.
    Thanks Bulletman. I visualized a tiny cottage with a cute little clothes line. I know nothing of OZ. I’m learning.

    Here in RI, we have National Grid, and they have incentive programs, financed by the amount levied to all customers on their bill.  We can get 12 in. of insulation blown into attic, vent of bathroom exiting attic, seal all walls and floors, install weatherstripping on doors and attic hatch and add sofit vents as needed for $450, which is only 25% of actual cost.  Also, I have investment home which we had them install a new high efficiency boiler/hot water maker for half of the real cost.  There are requirements which must be met, check with your energy co. for similar programs.  Well worth the effort and outlay of cash.  In fact they also had a finance program for the boiler if needed. 

    Styrofoam sheet  an inch thick can be used inside a house to cover walls and ceiling inexpensively. Styrofoam can be glued to an existing wall or ceiling with Elmer’s glue and hold in place with double sided tape. Calk the gaps and paint with acrylic paint … artistically. Styrofoam is wonderful to work with. Many Hollywood props, walls and destructible forms  are made of styrofoam and is easily shaped. Mineral spirits dissolves styrofoam like Alien drool burns through a steel(looking)  floor plate….was that a secret? oops. Styrofoam blocks the transfer of heat so well that it is used in freezers as insolation. Most electrical utility companies can help with roofing and exterior insulation. Clothes driers can be turned off in the summer and use a clothes line instead. 


    I LOVE the idea of a clothes line. My husband says that's grandma stuff. Well ... shhhhhh ... Guess what? I am a Grandma. We're going to get two more drying racks this weekend. He needed to hear a MAN say it.
    That styrofoam idea is fascinating. I do like the idea of "mineral spirits disolving styrofoam like Alien drool burning through steel" I'm not sure we could find that handy hint anywhere but here. Thank you, robert. I believe I would be in charge of putting up the styrofoam ... my husband just isn't that creative. There would be a lot of measuring, etc. I would be on my own on the tall ladders. Wheeee!

    My sister used a lot of styrofoam when she had her haunted house attraction in Clovis. It was, as you say, VERY versatile. Being lightweight really helped, too.

    Solar panels are the answer to your problems. This only works for people owning there own houses . you need to speak to your local council about renewable energy. 

    Heat source pumps are a good investment coupled with solar panels to run them you get free hot water as well as electricity . There are companies who supply solar panels at no cost the trade off is that they own any surplus generated and make there money selling to the grid,I also think conditions apply. worth looking into i think.


    Thank you. I think they’re expensive but we can check.

    In many areas, electricity and gas have become deregulated, giving consumers choices between several providers. If applicable where you are, compare rates.

    What a bunch of excellent answers.  Of course, I have to add my 2 cents, some duplicates, but this is what I do.  My home is just under 2,000 sq. ft, but I have no windows on East or West because it's a condo complex.

    1. Hang clothes to dry; wash in cold water (I do an extra rinse, though)>
    2. Have a portable oscillating fan to use where I am vs. A/C running throughout house.
    3. Balanced payment plan.  PGE will give you an average bill for 3-4 months, then re-evaluate your usage and adjust the bill for another 3-4 months.  It does help with budgeting, though it won't reduce the cost of what you use.  For example, your first 3 months may be $100, then down to $80, then up to $120.  It varies, but at least it helps you budget.
    4. Don't have your son move in with you if he has to have the A/C turned down to 72, and leaves his giant fan on IN THE GARAGE when he is not there or IN HIS ROOM when he is not there.  
    5. Solar is cost effective IF YOU BUY IT.  It does pay for itself rapidly.  If you are renting it, it is friend pays so much for the solar it barely makes a dent in the total utility expense. Shop around for solar, as there are a lot of companies who will vie for your business.  


    Our house is the size of your house. We have A/C going full blast all the time. It would be a hassel to carry a fan around. I guess if we REALLY want to save we’ll have to make some changes. He is not in favor of change. I think he wants money to fall from the sky or something.

    Your son leaves the fan on in the garage. Oooph. Of course, these hot days we just scurry to the car so we don’t turn into a roast out there.
    What are we doing in this hot town anyway?!

    DH doesn’t like the balanced payment plan. So that one is out.

    Too bad about balanced payments. It does help. The fan is small, but works great. It's pointed at me now in bed. I am a mess without it.

    Don't use your computer and the internet, for one thing.   ; -) 


    You forgot to add to unplug your TV and radio. Do they still have telephone booths?

    I cannot imagine life without the computer and the internet. It just wasn't long ago that we didn't have them.

    I keep my computer turned off most of the day ,untll the evening---Then I turn it on. Then, before I go to bed, I turn it off.
    I turn off my air conditioning at night to conserve on electricity. We all should be doing this, b/c electricity belongs to all of us. And we might run out some day.
    Mich. is already buying electricity from Ohio.

    Does the computer use a lot of power? My lap top is so tiny.
    I was kinda joking about unplugging the tv and radio. Maybe I have some things to learn.

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