How much is the gold found in teeth worth?

    about 50 or 60 years old (the teeth)

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    Usually,a relatively low grade gold alloyed with a harder metal to stand up to the rigours of chewing etc.As you know,I am no dentist but this has always been my understanding of it. :)

    Gold used for crowns is normally about 60% fine gold, but deduct the cost of assaying and re-purifying the value is much less than you may think. When my late (dentist) father retired, he had his scrap gold made into a whisky tumbler. Symbolic or what?


    Oh my! and did he drink out of it?

    Yes, he did. A lot, which might have made him live to 85, or otherwise he may have lived longer.

    Everytime I had an old gold crown removed to put on  a new one, the dentist  never gave them back to me..........which is theft. -----white collar crime. After many years, I realized I should ask to keep the crown.So, the last one I kept  and I got about   $ 150.  for it.  I got a lot of gold crowns in still in my mouth from the past. But, I don't think they make them ouf of gold anymore. Guess they'll go to my grave with me.Knowing my brother's wife, she'd like to yank them ouf of my mouth as I'm being buried.  LOL


    My husband got about $60.00 for his crown a few months back.
    What’s the problem with your brother’s wife? Can you say? She sounds horrible.

    That question scares me..  are you going gold prospecting at the graveyard??

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