a while ago I and a bunch of other people got a settlment from american foods group for not hiring us I need the date it happend for SSI need it ASAP

    I think it was maybe a year and s half or 2 yars agojust not sure I got

    a while back I and others got a settlement from american foods group for not hiring us when were quslified i need rhe date it happend forSSI ASAP think it was maybe  ayear  snd a half to 2 years ago but am not exacktly syre so PLEASE eomeone help me on date it was?THANKS




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    This is akaQA, a worldwide general question and answer forum. Sorry but this is not something we can find for you. Contact the lawyer you had at the time or check with the courthouse to see if there is a record of the judgement. 

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