iamgetmad mydentusare fall outtalmost all thetime iam just about to put supperglue on them get mad

    iahave them 3year get very mad yes iuse past but that do not fit please help

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    Fixodent or Polydent work, trust the voice of experience.............


    jh, Can I ask you a personal question? What happened to your teeth.....gum disease ?

    I had bad teeth and used a lot of meth in my younger days. Got the money and had them removed. I'm going for snap-ins now in about a month. Honest enough?

    Please,please,please, DON"T use supa glue.Go to the pharmacy & get some denture adhesive.If that doesn't work consult a dentist.

    Super glue is water soluble-  A couple days and  your teeth will fall out again.  I would suggest poxy instead of super-glue, its' not water soluble and will last a lifetime. 

    Or go to the dentist..


    You are just too much. LOL!!!

    See a dentist and have them refitted. Mouths can change over time. The dentures sometimes need to be refitted to keep up with the changes. 

    Beth, Why don't  you use denture adhesive?. It sure did the trick for my mom's partials when she was still living.......not the powder kind, but the Silly Putty .

    You must have got some on your words, they are stuck together as well.

    Eating glue for supper will lead to constipation.

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