Bugsy has a piece of wood 9 feet 8 inches long. He wishes to cut it into 4 equal lengths. How far from the edge should he make the first cut?

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    29 inches or 2 feet 5 inches per length.

    Thus, as mom says, figure: 9 x 12 = 108 + 8 = 116 then,  116 divided by 4 = 29 in. each.  So make first cut at 29 in. then mark at 58 in. ( for cut #2), mark at 87 in. (for cut #3), and you will have 4 equal parts of 29 in. each! 

    I use string theory to cut wood……string to length…. fold in half…cut…fold in half again….cut….cut…..four pieces of wood.  It is easier than calculating 3 cuts of a board. The saw i have has a 1/8" blade width. If the board is 8 feet long and the first cut in the center of the board you should have 2 boards that are equal in length. If the two boards are then cut in half,  all boards should be equal in length. If each board is cut to two feet in length the the fourth board will be 3/8" inch shorter than the other boards. 

    You better measure twice before cutting. My experience in the wood cutting world is that the far edge of the wood length is ALWAYS shorter than the one closer to you. I can't explain it but it's always the case. Go figure.


    That’s because you need to factor in the width of the cut.

    but if the width is cut right, then nothing should be off kilter,right ?

    Total up the number of inches in it......then devide that by 4.

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