How to write up something to your employer asking for a raise?

    I work as a companion/caregiver for a elderly lady with dimensia and my pay is based by the day. I usually go in on Wed. afternoon and work straight through to Sunday afternoon. I started out @  $50.00 per day and after 6 months of employment they raised that to $60.00 per day. But in June I had 1 year in and there has not been anything mentioned of pay raise. I also do gardening, cooking, and other household cleaning. My employer is very good at working through things with me and has given me pay advances on a couple of occasions but I still feel that a raise in pay is due. If I figure up what I am making by the day in an hourly wage it isn`t even $3.00 hr. Need to have suggestions on how to write a request to my employer for a raise?  Also want to add that I am payed cash with no taxes being withheld so I put 15% each pay period away for taxes.

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    No letter writing. Arrange a time to sit down with your employer and talk, face to face. Tell him/her what you have told us here. Be confident about your request. The worst that can happen is that you will be told "no". Good luck.

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