what is best to do for sores on the top of your head

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    As hard as it will be to do, LEAVE IT ALONE! Allow it to heal. easier said then done, I know. I've suffered from the same malady for years.......

    Yes, I would also like to know the answer as I suffer from the same problem which causes me to scratch in my sleep and bleed on the pillowcase which annoys my dear wife greatly. I have found that the problem is worse in the winter so it may be due to lack of vitamin D.


    Try,combing it with a hard brush ,it stimulates the scalp,


    See a doctor to find out what is causing the sores. If you already know what is causing the sores then you should let us know so we can find what is the best treatment if any. 


    what Colleen said.

    Massage hot coconut oil on your scalp; this helps to reduce the sores on top of your head. Aloe vera gel is better home remedy to treat the scalp sores.

    Put Hydrocortizone  1 %  creme  on it, and like jh said, don't pick at it or scratch it.!   If that doens't help, see a dermatologist.

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