what was the fifth card of the dead mans hand

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    The fifth card
    In accounts that mention two aces and eights, there are various claims regarding the identity of Hickok's fifth card, suggestions that he had discarded one card or that the draw was interrupted by the shooting and Hickok therefore never received his fifth card.
    Historical displays in the town of Deadwood, including one in a reconstruction of the original saloon, display the nine of diamonds as the fifth card. The Lucky Nugget Gambling Hall, at the historic site of Nuttal & Mann's Saloon, displays a jack of diamonds instead. The Adams Museum in Deadwood has a display that claims to be the actual Bulldog Squeezers Playing Cards held by Hickok (ace of diamonds, ace of clubs, eight of hearts, eight of spades, and the queen of hearts). The old Stardust Casino on the Las Vegas Strip had used a five of diamonds in related displays.

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