how can you prevent your car battery from getting flat

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    I use my car nearly every day, but a couple weeks ago, I didn't use it for two days. The temperature was over 110 degrees, and my car sits in the sun.  When I tried to start it, day 3, it "gurgled", but after a couple tries, it started.  I asked someone if the hot temp outside could have drained the battery, and was told it was possible. 

    Five days ago, I had the oil changed, and it actually wouldn't start afterwards. The oil change guy brought out a portable charger and got it going.  He told me to drive for at least 20 minutes, which was about how long I needed to get where I was going. He also told me I could bring the car back and he'd put the battery on the charger for 45 minutes, but at 50,000 miles, the battery might be starting to lose its power. 

    The best way I know to keep a battery from dying is to USE it.  If you aren't going to be driving for a while, disconnect the battery, as there is a constant drain, be it ever so slight. Same with a camera battery.  Take it out when you aren't using the camera and the battery will last a lot longer.  

    Hope this helped a little.

    I do not know if it still is the case, but you could buy acid which you could refresh the acid in the battery.  If the cells (the lead plates) were good still, and it had no leaks, this could actually double the number of service years to the battery.  Just like all else today, things are made to become replaced, so this is probably not the quality of battery today which would make this possible.  As stated above by others, use of the battery, and maintenance of the corrosion at the terminals is all you can do to insure the best service.  I agree that if left for a long time, the process of disconnection of the negative cable is helpful. The recent battery of my 2002 Dodge truck lasting for almost 10 yrs. is very unusual today.  When I was younger, I would have batteries give service twice what they do today, credited to their higher quality.   

    I always checked the water level and started the car once everyday. Didn't matter if I was going to drive or not

    A good battery should still start your car even if the car sits without being started for 3 months. If a battery begins to give you trouble, check to make sure the alternator is working. It may not be charging the battery. Check the battery cables for wear and the battery terminals for corrosion. If you see corrosion, that is a sign the battery is leaking at the terminal. Replace the battery. If the battery does not hold a charge when all else looks good, then you have a bad cell in the battery and you need a new battery. Sears checks batteries and alternators for free. 

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