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    How to cry??  Crying comes naturally and doesn't need to be forced.  Some people rarely, if ever, shed tears about anything, while others cry easily. Relax and allow yourself to be you. If and when you need to cry, it will just happen....without planning it.

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    1Find a quiet place to cry and release the pain you feel. Think about what happened to make you feel like you 'just want to cry'. Make sure you have tissues with you to clean yourself up. Ask a good friend whom you trust to stay with you. This will help you feel protected.

    2Do what you have to do: talk, think, and cry. Release your emotions and allow the pain you feel to be released through your tears.

    3Talk to your friend about what made you sad, angry, or overwhelmed. Discuss your feelings until you have nothing left to talk about or cry about.

    4Clean yourself up. Puffy eyes, red cheeks, and drippy eye-makeup are sure-fire signs of crying. So doing something that you enjoy afterward will help you feel better again.

    5Lose your awareness of those around you and simply focus on your emotions. Being conscious of others around you will allow these feelings to be pushed further into your mind, creating more issues for you to deal with later. Just cry and let it all out.

    6Think think about what made you mad,sad,or cry and tell someone so they can help you.

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