For Cat owners.....current and past. Has your cat's claw ever grown down into his paw pad ?

    My cat   Tigger's  did. . Dry blood on it . Must hurt. Poor thing . I just saw it Monday. Going to take him to the vet Tues. It's hard to take him b/c he weighs 16 lbs. .And then when I put him in the carrier, the whole thing weighs so much that it almost throws my shoulder out. The vet won't let me bring him in there in my arms, with a leash on him. But, he lets people bring in dogs without them being in a carrier.    :- O   .   

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    How is your cat?! If it was a dog I think you would have had a lot of replies.

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    Hi cats Mom this normally happens in older cats you can buy cats clippers but you must know how to clip them get the vet to show you it's real easy as there is a vein that runs to through the claw and if you cut that it will bleed for ages but if you have poor eye site just trim the ends off that will keep claws fine if you ever did cut the claws by mistake and bled put ordinary cooking flour on the bleed and it will stop real quick good luck xxx

    Thx,Mel. That's good info about the flour

    My cats mom :-) xxx

    I’m glad he’s not in pain. Can you hire a kid to carry that cat cage. It would NOT be good for your shoulder.

    I’ve read about Shingles. OWWWW! I know about the left shoulder. It’s real bad this AM.DH is not sympathetic. So I’ll just : X to him. Grrrrrr.

     We have had our share of trials, Juliette. 


    To itsmee....TY for your reply and for caring. I took Tigger to the vet today .There was a hole there , but It wasn't infected, TG. I think if it was a millimeter deeper, it would have hit true flesh, and been painful!

    Some of the back claws even were starting to grow into his paw pad. The vet trimmed all his claws.
    Tigger was a good boy :-)
    Hope your shoulder gets better,itsmee. Try an arthritic swimming program in a warm pool in your town. It helped me.BTW, my name is Juliana --not Juliette.

    I am so sorry about Tigger. Let us know how things worked out.  I had a cat that must have weighed 16 #. I had fed her  the wrong thing. She grew very mean and would even bite! Two vets said I needed to send her to cat heaven. I didn’t do it until there was a dramatic scene. Sad memory. 

    Etti Kat Felinski, rests in peace  : (((  

    I’ll trim Peeve’s front claws tomorrow. We have a special-made clipper so there’s no danger of cutting into the pad.  (((Juliette)))


    I have bad trouble with my shoulder. Be careful, sweet girl.

    thanks for asking,itsmee. Wasn't able to take him till tomorrow ( Thurs ) b/c had a lot of bus. appts. Thankfully, he doesn't seem in pain, b/c there's not much feeling in the paw -pads. I trim all my cats' claws, but this one grew down in a semi circle before I could stop it. Def going to take him Thurs. Wish Tigger would let me get under the claw and trim it.If you were here, you could hold him wrapped up in a towel, and I'd trim it.

    Sorry about your cat,Etti Kat, itsmee. :-(

    I too hurt my Left shoulder 1 1/2 years ago. It just had to happen when I had shingles too. LOL Had them on my L upper back and around on my L side :-\

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