Best candy from the 90's   

    This site has photos of what "someone" considered the best candy selections from the 1990's.  What's YOUR favorite candy?  
    Mine is: ""

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    After seeing that list from the '90's,I'm glad my candy years were the '60's...Even tho we did have that "button candy" in the '60's,just a waste of time.

    I'm a chocoholic; but some of the best selling candy of the 90s was  Skittles and Jolly Ranchers.


    Travon Martin had gone to the store to buy those. I hear that on the news allll the time.

    That is to make you feel bad for him, a child going to the store to get some candy. The rest of the story conveniently omitted...

    Hershey Bars, then and now!


    then and now? Don't you mean "Now and Later"? :D

    Ha ha, maybe Good and Plenty. I've always loved licorice.

    G&P! That's what we called our bowling team last fall. We wore pink shirts and black pants/skirts. We were plenty good enough to beat almost everybody!

    "" I would have to say a Snickers chocolate. Was a favourite then and still is.


    Snickers really are excellent! I love the different textures..nougat, caramel, nuts, chocolate. YUMMY

    Got to agree, and has some nutrition too, with the peanuts! If only Dark Chocolate, would be better...

    Oh See’s Chocolates! People used to give me those for Christmas DH and I’d take a tiny bite out of most of them and put the rest down the disposal. I’m a candyholic. I KNOW there is such a thing.

    My absolute favorite is brach's maple nuggets.  I could eat those all day long.. Not anymore though, the sugar goes right to my butt and belly.

    Bullets! Bullets! Bullets!""


    Oh ho! NOW "bullet man" makes all kinds of sense!!

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