a question how can you tel ltrue fortune teller or plams . what are the true sige of genuie forture teller or plams

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    One of my friends truly believes what she is told by card readers.  It hasn't been the best place to put her faith in what to expect from the future. 

    I have been to 3-4, and one, who I visited twice, told me almost the identical things both time. One DID nail some past, present, and future stuff.  One told me I had my own ability to look into others' lives, and should develop my own psychic talents. 

    How can you tell who's telling the "truth".  For one thing, DON'T give them too much information about yourself.  The more YOU tell them, the less they come up with on their own.  You aren't going to know 'right now' who's telling you the truth about the future until you experience what's been predicted within the vague time frame you are given. 

    One told me she saw me travelling across water.  Well, duh, I was crossing the river to and from visiting my mom in the hospital.  BUT, that summer, I went to Hawaii twice.  THAT was quite a coincidence.

    Bottom line:  I believe most of what you get from a fortune teller is entertainment, and you should not base your life choices on what you get from a fortune teller.

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