The Zimmerman trial

    I have not followed the case real close,so I was wondering did Zimmerman say he was on the "job" as in the watch group?

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    Whoever initiates contact is responsible for whatever happens…in my book. 


    In the USA if someone invades your house, if you consider them a threat, you can legally blow them away. It is a right here. You would be responsible without legal penalty. But being responsible has a greater meaning spiritually than our laws have defined. In the spirit of law there is no variance of responsibility but first cause.
    To confront without openly recognised authority is prick over dick. The scene is authority over victim in “stand your ground” and applies for both parties. The right to travel over public accessible land a legal right. Thus, there is first cause in confrontation. That a brawl ensued is irreverent. First cause…Had Zimmerman shot him on the spot without the brawl the fact remains. First cause is responsible for the results.

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