Do you think this would be a good diet?

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    I read that Jennifer Anniston had this for her entire diet for a year. It’s a food as fuel type of thing. It leaves out sugar, bad fats. I don’t know what else.
    Her diet consisted of the ingredients in a Cobb Salad. Those are olives, tomatoes, eggs, chicken, lettuce (maybe kale?) bacon, blue cheese, avocado, green onions
    I think this diet would be more healthful if you added blue berries (low sugar) apples (good fiber) yogurt (Maybe the kind with three times the amount of protein. It has good calcium)
    I haven’t done any research on this. I will. I am just wondering what you all think.
    So the above are what you would eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am starting NOW.

    Anniston needs green, red, and yellow veggies as well as red(tomatoes)_ And she needs fruit, beans, nuts, and legumes.

    Yes. I agree. I’m not sure what the ingredient was that made me sick. Maybe it was too much good fat like bacon, avocado, blue cheese, and salad dressing. I never have all that at one sitting. Oh, never again. : )

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    Yes most of that sounds pretty good, apart from the bacon, and keep the cheese intake low. I would also think more fruit would be a good idea, and pecon nuts in small amounts, and plenty of water.


    What no bacon??? How about a couple of strips, please....

    I misread the article. Jennifer suggests that we have Cobb Salad once a day. I thought she suggested that we have Cobb Salad three times a day.
    I have said this before and I will say it again.


    We are having Cobb Salad one time a day at lunch. Sadly we have cut down our bacon and cheese intake. We’ve added Blueberries and Walnuts. Always water, water, water. Ooooooooh, I must leave for the restroom, sunnyB. Thank you. itsmee

    Come over here and feed me with all of that S, I'll add a little haggis to it, sounds good to me!


    No cake, no pie, no beef, no lamb, no cookies ... Never. OK, here I go to the kitchen. When I consume Kale, it almost feels like it is cutting my mouth. Someone said, “Drop it in your soup” : ).
    Haggis ... huh? I’m going to look that one up.

    ROMOS, sit down. Breakfast is on me. We’ll have boiled eggs and bacon. It starts out fairly good. We’ll just have the white of egg. The yellow isn’t good for you. Don’t know why.

    I must insist that you include the yolks of the egg, I'll eat them and leave you the white, I've been on health kick things before, never did anything good for me.

    Yellow Yolks without Whites would be Yuck.
    I have been on strange eating plans too. One worked. (The wedding diet) It wasn’t strange. Maybe I should revisit that one. Pass the Haggis.

    Sounds delicious but, I'd grow tired of eating it all the time. I'm not losing weight but I'm not gaining either............

    First of all, I don't believe that's all she ate for a whole year.  Nonetheless, it is not a completely healthy diet.  Maybe she can live without fruits, nuts, dairy products, but I don't plan on it.  I really believe in the Weight Watchers' point system.  


    I read the article wrong. She had the Cobb Salad for lunch for a year. That’s better but with those ingredients it seems like she (or me) would put on the pounds

    itsmee, JA has a personal trainer; she can afford to have every meal prepared to order for her, and she can spend hours every day working on her perfect body. If it isn't what she wants, she can also afford to have it "made".
    We are not Jennifer Aniston. I live with it. So can you. :D

    PKB, Ha! I don’t need no personal trainer, I need a proof reader. See my comments below underneath SunnyB & Bustione. : )
    P.S. Can you relate to me with my new photograph. I’m not Oriental and my hair is not Kindergarten Red. : /

    You have your older avatar on today (7/15), which I like. I didn't get a closeup of the red one the other day, but only a person not thinking clearly would imagine your hair to be kindergarten red!
    I'd like to change my photo; it's 4 years old.

    It’s fun to change but it’s dam difficult for me. I like the picture of you - doesn’t matter how old it is. Mine is two years old and is the only “good” one I possess. All I have to do is hold my lap top up and shoot.

    Wow, that is cool. My computer is pretty old, like 5; even if it had the feature, I'd probably screw it up. I have too many self-portraits on my phone. I got Camera 360 application (free), and you can do all kinds of stuff with that.

    P, my dear woman, I would NEVER be able to work it.

    My computer is 4 years old. My photo is 2-3 years old.

    Probably our answers are more important than our pix anyway. :D

    I really like seeing pictures of the people I’m talking to.

    Me, too!

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