what will you do if your boyfrnd tell one of his frnds dat,he has broken up with you whiles you guys are still dating.

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    You ask him if he said that. If he admits that he did, then you know that he is dishonest and disloyal to you. If he denies that he said it, you need to ask more questions. Be very careful about remaining in a relationship that puts a doubt in your mind as to who he really is. Find someone who treats you with every circumstance (including what kind of pics are on his phone re: your other question).



    You're welcome.

    (I am having a real problem with your poor grasp of English spelling and grammar; I'd like to think you are a little more adept at communications than you have demonstrated here.)

    Go to your boyfriend and tell him the rumor you have heard. Be very specific about who said what.  You simply want the truth. Did you tell (WHOEVER) we have broken up? YES or NO.  Do not be emotionally weepy or aggressive. Be very matter-of-fact. Simple answer: yes or no.

    If he says "NO", and you believe him, fine.  Carry on. But...I'll bet you don't trust him as much as you did before this happened.  The demise of your relationship is in the near future.

    If he admits he said this, then tell him you don't want anyone to think he is a liar.  SO, consider it the truth.  WE ARE DONE.   Then, leave, and NEVER look back.   

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