What Should I Do When Someone I Love , And I Know He Love Me Too . But His Never Told Me , And II Just Want Him To Be HONEST ?

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    Tell him your feelings first, break the ice..............

    Since I don't know him, I can't confirm or deny your assessment of his feelings for you. Men are not as prone to announce "I love you" as freely as many women.  If they were, I wouldn't believe it for a second anyway. 
    I do not agree with telling the guy you love him and waiting for him to reciprocate.  It just seems to be too much pressure.   If you two enjoy each other, have fun, don't argue about stupid (or not-so-stupid) stuff, and are good together, let it ride.  It will come from him when he
    honestly wants to say "I love you", not when he feels compelled to do so, which is not honest.

    So, summing it all up, let him know you love him by your actions, and accept that when the time is right (for him), he will tell you with his words.  

    P.S.  I had a boyfriend; we lived together for nearly 9 years. He never once said, "I LOVE YOU" until I left, which, by then, was too late.  He did, however, give me a card, which I have, 30+ years later, with the sentiment:

    "I may not say it often, but somehow I hope you see, that all the things I love, are all the things you are to me."          

    Have you asked him why he never tells you that he loves you ? He probably just doesn't feel ready to say it yet until he's absolutely sure that he means it.

    Wait awhile. If he loves you, you will know. Honest.

    I have found that in a situation like that, where the man truly likes you a lot, that you should initiate those 3 little words, if he doesn't. Men then respond to that well, by getting closer to you and saying it to you.

    my mind,,you must tell him...!maybe he not tell you obout his feel becouse he shy to you,,so tell him..!


    welcome to akaQA Ekha, your English is pretty good, but will improve with this site...

    Anith - Bob/PKB has just the same feelings as I do - Men have enormous difficulty sometimes saying those three words - in fact of course some Women too like me. Have you asked him if he loves you? this again is something  I would never do. If you haven't asked him then this is not a question of honesty -  Actions do speak louder than words and if you watch you will know. 


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    say yr feelings.keeping them bottled up wont lead to anything

    go ahead and tell him what you feel.

    i have a same experience like you but i wait until she tell me or she will say to her friend and ask her to say to me.What i do is waiting in long time until she say that.Maybe you can use this tactic


    actually i dont have the experience

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