My cell phone is ding-y!

    Before I make the 20 minute trek to the Sprint store, maybe one of you can help with this weird problem.
    My Samsung Model #SPH-L710 has been making a clang-ding type noise for about a week, with no "good" reason. There is no phone call, no voice mail, no text message, NOTHING for me to get excited about.  It just randomly clangs.  It is startling, and it awakens me from me frequent naps!  GRR.
    Any thoughts on why my phone is "ding-y"?  Repair Service worked with me to clear everything that could have caused the problem, but, obviously, it didn't work. 

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    Stick it down the commode as soon as possible, you never know who might be listening,worst invention ever...........""


    NO WAY, ROMOS-AY. I have no other phone.
    BTW, that is a really horrible video.

    I thought it was kind of "Candy Crushy"


    Thankfully, we get a little better when our candies pop on the game.

    Please don't stick anything hard or non -fecal down the commode, except maybe vomit

    I barely know my own computer let alone any cell phone.  This would drive me nuts! You don't have enough to worry


    ....that would be a short trip !

    ha ha ben, lol, NOT

    I must be getting sleepy...

    Past your bedtime. Mine too now that I'm looking at a clock......

    Wish I could help but, like ROMOS, all I wanna do is dance, dance....


    I like to dance. It's all good. :D

    I like that song, Duckster. And I liked " You should be dancing..." from the disco era.

    I would say you have inadvertantly set the alarm.This happened to me.The phone alarm goes off & when you don't reset it it goes into snooze mode & rings again every 10 minutes or so.Go to your settings to turn the alarm off.Hope this helps.


    iou tu. I do use the alarm feature, but it is only set for one day at one time. I actually deleted the alarm this morning, and am still getting the clang. :( Thanks, though, Tommy.

    I think your phone's bin snakebit.:)

    Turns out it is alerting me every time I get an email. I solved the problem by deleting the email accounts from the phone. Ah, the peace and quiet.

    Sheez! I'm glad my phone doesn't do that.I would be taking Romos's advice reaaly quick.LOL

    No s**t. Have a great weekend. I'm outta town tomorrow A.M.

    That's weird. Can you remove the simcard and reset the phone to factory default? Mine does that but only if I have a VM waiting or a text message.  It will ding like that every few minutes. Also, it dings when it reaches full charge, that drives me nuts, I try to remember to turn it off when charging.  I don't need it on to talk to someone at 3am in the morning, emergency, use my landline.


    iou tu
    I'll try that. Since the cell is my only phone, I do leave it on. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Do you have apps installed in your phone ? Sometimes you get a ding sound when an app has been updated. Check your profile settings for tones and turn off.


    Thank you. I will check on that possibility. IOU TU

    Hey PKB, what happened to that  " new job "  you got last winter ? You seemed really happy about it. Is that ancient history ?

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