how i get a good & sweet girlfriend

    plz suggest me


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    I agree 100% Don. I wonder how old he is ._.

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    Stay good and sweet  yourself. Good girls tend to follow suit............

    Are you a good and sweet person yourself?  (People usually attract friends who are similar to themselves.)


    Like me :33


    Be particular.  Be very particular.  Look past the pretty face.  Look for someone whose friends are good and sweet.   Look for girls who take an interest in doing well in school, don't get into trouble fighting or mouthing off to people.  Look for someone who has a pet, or babysits for family or neighbors, or volunteers time to help others. 

    NEXT, don't be in a hurry.  The more desperate YOU appear, the less likely you are to achieve your goal of getting a GOOD girlfriend.  Be choosy! 

    -sigh- geez i can't believe there are people like you. I was like you, but then i didn't care. You want to know how to make a girl kind or sweet? Is by making her sweet, it's like telling your Santa to give you the best race of a dog ever in the whole world...nope instead he gives you a sick 13 year old labrador black dog who needs lots of love and care...what are you going to do? Throw the dog away, and crying and complaining at Santa, because he didn't get what you asked for?

    Please for your sake, change that emotion of yours, become mature and forget about "how do i get a sweet gf" Because what you remind me of is ignorant, greedy person if not you're just desprate... i changed my ways...guess what? I'm so kind and sweet that my "self" changes other. I made female friends around me attractive :) and sweet. I made my friend who was meant to everyone to a sweet heart. So do that, if not you make me sick. I really feel sorry for you bro -ashamed-


    I don't really mean to be mean, but his question got to me. And made me angry :-(

    You will find a lot of self-serving questions here, AldeWicht. You gave him some good advice while letting him know how you felt. That's how it's done (I think). Just be careful how you express your disgust.
    How would you have felt if he'd asked, "How can I be a good and sweet boyfriend?"?

    Thanks Bob :)

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