This is not what it looks like...............

    This is a student who was punished by the teacher. The punishment was to kneel in frozen peas.  Your thoughts and comments, "peas". 

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    Corporal punishment is allowed in some US schools. Florida is among 19 states that allow school staff to use corporal punishment:

    Map of the states that allow it (all the red states)


    I think it's corrupt & unusual punishment.There is no way a teacher should be allowed to inflict that kind of torture.

    It seems cruel and unusual (to say the least) punishment. It is like kneeling on rocks. If this were my child, there would be a visit to the school, and a call to the school board, the county board of education, and as high up the chain as I could climb.

    Looks like the frozen peas could have done damage to the skin frost bite.

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    Apart from being illegal, I would suggest that the teacher involved requires a mental health proffessional, what sane person would do that, or for that matter even think of doing that

    Stick the peas that were left over up the teachers...................


    I'd better go find out what happened to the student and the teacher, but I completely agree with you.

    Left nostril? Chimney pipe?Or some bodily orifice? LOL

    I'd suggest all of them, Tommy

    I once confronted a teacher who mistreated one of my kids.What a **** he turned out to be,I was reported to the education deot.& I got a visit from the cops later thet evening.The cops were quite amused by it all & just said 'Well don't do it again OK?" So I didn't,& neither did the teacher.


    did ya hit him ?

    Wouldn't the peas melt some?  Then they'd be cushy. Oh, the student wasn't kneeling that long? You are right, it's cruel and unusable punishment...........


    that's what I thought, that they'd quickly get mushy with the weight on them.

    I'm speechless,that's just not right.And this is coming from a guy that got the paddle many times in school for dumb stuff,I had this teacher in jr.high that would swat you for every word you spelled wrong on a spelling test,after awhile i got sick of getting hit all the time(i was and am a bad speller),anyhow i flipped her off and asked her why she just did'nt teach me to spell the word and she sent me to the office where i got hit some more for giving her the finger,could not win,they used to like to beat it into you in those days.


    I remember one sub in 3rd grade who whacked a guy hard on the butt with a metal ruler because he was bent over to pick up his pencil from the floor. A SUB! Our 7th grade teacher had a paddle, autographed by the kids who got swatted with it. I think I was the only girl who had her name on it (shame on me)
    I student taught a 4th grade class in mid 1970's. The teacher pulled a HUGE brush out of her drawer the first day and laid it on top of her desk like it was a gun. She told the kids she didn't like repeating herself.....
    Nowadays, teachers can't even touch a student on the elbow in an effort to encourage the little b*st*rd to sit down because the bell rang 10 minutes ago. (This happened when I was subbing at a high school.) I got called into the office at the end of the day and was reamed...the kid had no consequence. Give me the "good old days", with guidelines, of course.

    Now I hear you Rick.I was a freqent visitor to the principal's office for the cane.At least it was over quickly.

    our men teachers in Jr. High would take the offender into the gym and paddle him with a paddle that had holes in it so it would swing faster and hurt more. :-(

    They were Rick, but things have changed, thankfully

    This probably is a silly thought but I'm guessing the whole story is NOT presented in this one picture. Who? What? Where? When? Why? What school? What real circumstance? Who took the picture? What does the teacher say? Who was present? Why didn't those peas melt? How many students saw this? What did the principal say? What do the other teachers say? What is the normal behavior of this student? What is the normal behavior of this teacher? Was there really a teacher involved at all? Etc. etc. etc...... (just asking)



    The above could have been self inflicted,for reasons unknown,

    One of many possibilities.

    maybe they're the kind of peas that you use for pea soup. They are HARD. Kids put them in pea shooters.

    Physical punishment, in any form, is intended to be an instrument of mental reinforcement. To instruct by consequences that the demonstrated behavior, by the subject, is not acceptable. The administration of punishment is intended to express the authority of the administration to  punish the offender for their act.

    In every life action, reward or punishment is a result of our choices, has been our life-way instructor. This teaches every living thing to bring forth  the same pattern of behavior as its predecessor and from our predecessor learn what to do and not do so as to advance. 

    If knees in frozen peas is a punishment, what was the behavior that warranted that punishment? 

    I thought the question was about punishment…..Nope…Its about….Frozen peas? I prefer to let them cook to break apart. 


    I've been unable to find a story attached to this photo. I have searched and searched. I'm starting to believe some kid knelt on peas then video'd her knees (there is a very short video of this on you tube, about 30 seconds). There is no sound nor is there any explanation. I have asked questions about it and have received no reply. I truly believe it is all a hoax designed to see what people would come up with concerning the image.

    What's missing in this story is a description of the crime committed by the student.

    Did she forget to read a homework chapter or did she set the student cafeteria ablaze at high-noon ?  Branding her punishment as "cruel and unusual" without knowing the cause is irresponsible.


    My kids weren't affected by physical punishment as much as by losing time or activities. Forcing a kid to kneel in frozen can that be classified as anything BUT "unusual"? And what a waste of food.

    I don't doubt your punitive administation skills but raising the dial on the pain meter quickly gets ANY human's attention.

    Oh, doubt away.
    I agree, pain SHOULD deter the behavior. There are those kids, though, who just wander past the paid and continue to be adverse. Let me introduce you to my middle son.....

    Look at the clothing the person is wearing. It looks (to me) like a school uniform. The blurb said it was a punishment at school, kneeling in frozen peas. This would never happen in a public school.

    Yes by teacher

    Cruel teachers ???

    There must be some mistake done by the student too ..........


    Something that warrants bruising her knees?

    In Scotland until about 1980 teachers used the 'tawse' to discipline pupils. This is a strip of leather 2ft long and 11/2 ' , wide and split for half its length.  Corporal punishment in all UK schools is now banned. Romos may be able to give more info on the tawse.


    It sound like a painful, and probably VERY effective way of dealing with unacceptable behavior.

    The old lady teachers in my grade school beat kids legs ( boys ) with a yard stick. She would grab the offending girl's hair and shake her head forward and back. till her brains rattled.She probably got a whiplash injury. But, back then, you didn't want to go home and tell your parents you were punished at school.

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