US Citizens, Drug companies can now harm you without fear of prosecution, Why?

    what an earth has happened to democracy? I once thought that this administration was going to be a good thing, I was so very wrong. everyday I see your rights as US citizens eroding away and the United Stazi of American gaining in dictatorial power.  :-(


    Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

     July 7, 2013. Washington

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    Grit, Money is stronger than democracy. Big Pharma and the FDA are in bed together.

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    This kind of ruling affects more than just U.S. citizens, believe me. Drug companies get away with too much as it is, without being granted further exemptions! Disgusting.    :(

    Obama is in office. That says it all. He has a vendetta to kill as many Americans as possible. His Obamacare will kill many  The Dept of Justice under his leadership is supporting (financially supporting) the blacks in Florida threatening a race war on whites if the Peruvian (not white) Zimmerman is found innocent of killing Trayvon Martin. Obama also invited the Saudi Nationalist that was a person of interest during the Boston Bombing to the White House 4th of July celebration. This was the same man who was placed on a watch list and labeled a threat to national security by the State Department and deported from the USA. 

    Obama is out of control and no one seems to want to stand up and stop him. 


    population control. They're trying to get rid of everyone over 69. And get rid of as many unborn babies as they can .
    To the other part of your answer......he should be impeached

    But the Senate will not call for his impeachment. It has to start with them and they are either spineless or they truly think he's doing ok.

    and most of his close paid associates have Arab first names, and arab last names. :-0

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