How do you beat the heat?

    I sit on my tail in the a.c. and take out the trash in the early hours............

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    You know where I live, the heat here is looked forward to immensely, we don't need a,c here, just heating for the long winters.


    I Belive its very cold around the ardones,??

    Sweaty at the moment Dennis ;)

    You're working too hard.

    Think about these cold cold winters here,then everything is better.We only have two seasons in Cleveland,hot&cold,so I'll take the heat.


    Rick that's the way it is here in your neighboring state, Mich. too . It's only 50 miles from my town to Toledo.
    I like your suggestion to Jh, but it prob doesn't get cold where she lives in Texas.

    yea mycatsmom,but what do you think cold is too our Texas girl?60 degree's :)

    When the temp goes over 100F, a soft mist of cool water turns on when my keyboard and computer screen is covered with plastic film. 

    A.C.!!  We get unbelievable humidity here during summer & ac is the only way to beat it.Although we are close enough to the water to enjoy bay breezes on some days. I still prefer the heat to the cold tho...Old bones...they ache in the cold.:)


    I hear you Tommyh on the cold and old bones,they don't live well together.

    It's hot in your house even tho '  you have A C ? !   Use a fan as well as  A C .

    I walk the dog before 10 A.M.
    I hang out IN the pool.
    I have a small table fan that I'll plug in wherever I am to keep me cool.
    Drink cold stuff (water, juice, frozen margaritas)
    My son really has trouble with the heat, so we DO use the Air Conditioner.  He likes it set NO HIGHER THAN 72.  Then I need a sweater!   


    We set ours on 80. At 79, anyone who enters has to put on a sweater. (Our thermostat needs repair ... or WE do)
    I will take the frozen margarita - never had one before.

    Hi itsmee! If you've never had a margarita, I suggest you pick up one for under $2 at the grocery store (Von's, for sure). They come in packages and you put them in the freezer. You can get a good idea of whether or not it's a drink for you without spending too much. :D

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