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    Candy CRUSH 
    What kind of help do you need?  It seems pretty simple.  You get "x" number of chances to complete one of the contests.  When you succeed, you move to the next contest.  You complete a level, and  you ask your Facebook friends to "give" you keys to the next level.  If you aren't playing with a Facebook connection, you can unlock by passing 3 challenges.  You get about 1/2 dozen chances, but can only pass (1) one challenge per 24 hours.  
    Cheating?  I don't know how to do that, except to change the date and time on your phone or computer, then change it back later (my son does this....NO ONE should be THAT addicted to a game).  
    I think they could give a little more instruction, but I muddle along.   It took me several days to pass THIS one:


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