in adventure quest how can you get more manna potions without buying the full game? does anyone know?

    in adventure quest how can you get more manna pots without buying the full game? does anyone know? if you do please tell me.


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    From "Yahoo Answers"
    if you're a guardian, you can just refill the mana potions at Warlics shop or a blue potion bag. However, if your just an adventurer, go to the guardian tower, and do the huntress chase quest. Get warlic as your temporary ally. Then go to the stat trainers and train with the mage trainer in only magic. with marlic backing you up for extra damage, you should have enough mana left to have the 1-2 potions the trainer should have given you. then, rest at the inn. Repeat. If it becomes to expencive, you can tone the price down by dying and finding the stat detrainer in the underworld by clicking deaths hourglass and searching for a vortex sending you to the graveyard.


    thank you i will try that thanks!

    i know that there is a SMALL  chance of getting a manna pot it you use the light of manna spell on the undead.

    i know how to get health pots go to twilly and click hello then you click heard any rumores? then you hunt the seed spiter and use the light to manna spell on him and there is a slight chance of getting a health pot or 2.

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